It's Basic... Basically Awesome.

Most of the time we advise against following the crowd.  But when they are onto something this good, we really can't follow our own advice on the matter.  The standard is what about 90% of people are asking for.  So, we deliver.



The gold standard of walk-in-tubs.  Fits like a dream in most spaces; this American-made beauty is just what you have been waiting for.  What a better way to start or end your day than being completely relaxed in your spa-like walk-in-tub.  With the safety our All Access Tubs provide plus hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and aromatherapy, bathing has never been so good!

Size: 30" x 51" x 36"



  • White
  • Cream

Door Direction

  • Left Swing
  • Right Swing

Your private oasis is calling.  You should probably answer.